Opals are shining bright throughout Australia in 2016 with the help of Wellington Jeweller

December 15, 2016

For Wellington Global 2016 has been an impactful year for all brands within their portfolio.  Their Pica LéLa fashion jewellery brand continues to flourish within the Travel Retail arena internationally, whilst closer to home their fine jewellery brand Wellington Jeweller which specializes in Australian Made opal has made considerable strides in the brand’s domestic market, Australia, with 6 store launches since the beginning of the year and another 7 anticipated before year-end closing.

This is a success that has been the fruit of a decisive Marketing & Branding led investment by Wellington Global as they continuously strive to deliver the best possible partner and consumer experience.  With 25 years in the fine jewellery business, this is a company that know their jewellery and the company has always been greatly esteemed for their superior quality and craftsmanship.  A company that is distinguished for being Australian Made, this fact has become increasingly important to consumers and partners alike as they seek authenticity and confidence in product quality and sourcing. 

2016 saw this qualification augment to include a new determined focus on elevating the consumer brand experience to new plains, and bringing with it a new level of exposure.  Already highly regarded for their use of rose gold in their Pica LéLa designs, Wellington Jeweller now also offers this on trend metal colour plated on 925 sterling silver, an innovative endeavor in the industry for mid range opal jewellery.  Confident in the superior quality of their opals and plating, Wellington Jeweller also offer a 1 year international warranty.   Completing the offering is their new distinctive navy and turquoise packaging.

The springboard for the launch of the rebirth of Wellington Jeweller opal was with their first partner Australia The Gift in their Hamilton Island store in November 2015, soon followed in February 2016 with the addition of their Surfer’s Paradise store and the most recent at Sydney’s Circular Quay this month.

The second half of 2016 saw a continuation of this auspicious start for Wellington Global with the news of their new partnership with the leading airport retailer AWPL who continue to advocate the Wellington Jeweller opal brand with ongoing additions of the brand to their multi-store concepts.  Recently launched in August at Australian Airport International Departures in their Think Australia store, this success has cemented the extension to 7 more stores with these imminent store launches to take place in other shopping quarters of Australian International airport both airside and landside in their Around Australia and Australian Way stores along with additional openings in both Adelaide and Alice Springs airports.

Another fruitful partnership which Wellington Global have engaged in this year is that with the esteemed Travel Retailer Lagardère Travel Retail as they partner to bring the Italian luxury hair accessories brand Moliabal to the Australian market.  February 2016 saw the first launch of Moliabal by Wellington Global at Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 2 in the AMUSE Beauty Studio with September 2016 augmenting the brand’s presence with the addition of Terminal 3 and also Melbourne Domestic Airport Terminal 4.  The collaboration with LS Travel Retail now also includes the Pica LéLa opal jewellery line with their presence in Terminal 1 Adelaide International Airport and Terminal 1 Gold Coast Airport in June this year.

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