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Placing an Order

You place an order with Wellington Jeweller by selecting your preferred product and clicking on the "Purchase Now" button on the checkout page. Wellington Jeweller reserves the right to accept or reject an order for any reason including, without limitation, unavailability of product; an error in the price, image or the product description; or errors in your order. Orders are deemed received by Wellington Jeweller at the time of successful transmission of the order, and you will thereafter be unable to cancel the order.

All orders will be confirmed within 2 Australian business days (Except during Christmas period). Order details shall be emailed to the email address associated with the account that was used to make the order.

Product Availability

Wellington Jeweller endeavours to ensure products ordered are available for delivery, and in most cases will notify you when a product is unavailable prior to you completing your order. However in some cases, this may not be possible and Wellington Jeweller may need to reject an order you have placed if the product is established to be unavailable for delivery. In such cases, Wellington Jeweller will refund in full all amounts you have paid in respect of such a circumstance. 

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